Childhood Qi Gong
“The Little Chinese Energetician” Training course

Qi Gong for kids + Initiation to Traditional Chinese medicine
Acupressure, Tuina, Energetic Anatomy while having fun! 

Two units Childhood & Energy, (two PEBE units) 
proposed, created, and taught by Maryline Durand

Childhood Qi Gong 1  remote learning:
REGISTRATION 470 USD * See description at the bottom of the page *

Up to march 10th, 2021 SPECIAL PRICE !  350 USD instead of 470 USD!   

Do You want to buy in Euros ?  (295E)    
Or by Transferwise ? Contact me

Course goals: 

At the end of the training, you will be able to offer a series of Qi-Gong & TCM workshops to small groups of children from 5 to 13 years old. You will have examples of long programming; 15 sessions corresponding to precise objectives and on varied and playful themes.
The second workshop proposes 15 additional sessions.

"I offer you my pedagogical skills, my experience with children and energy, to teach children the basics of a preventive traditional medicine, soft and without contraindications, "sportive" and playful, coming from ancient China". 
Maryline Durand

Childhood Qi Gong general program:

Why teach Qi Gong and TCM to children? 
Towards education in preventive and holistic medicine
The Qi Gong of Heaven and Earth
The 5 Animals Qi Gong * Northern China Version + Yunnan Animals Version 
( Turtle, Peacock, Tiger, Deer, Crane )
The Blue Qi Gong
The Qi Gong of the Seasons and the Sound of the Organs
The main meridians: following the lines on the body and self-massage
Locate a few acupressure points while having fun
Treat some common minor illnesses
Energy Pedagogy and World Vision

Childhood Qi Gong 1 complete program per session:

Session 1 Energy between Heaven and Earth
Session 2 The Gates of Energy
Session 3 The Mountain towards Heaven
Session 4 Roots in the Earth
Session 5 The Sea on Earth
Session 6 The Turtle Game 1
Session 7 The Turtle Game 2
session 8 The Peacock Game 1
Session 9 The Peacock Game 2
Session 10 The Peacock Game 3
Session 11 The Tiger Game 1
Session 12 The Tiger Game 2
Session 13 The Deer Game 
Session 14 The Crane Game 1
Session 15 The Crane Game 2

Childhood Qi Gong 2 
program per session: (soon available in english !) 

* The Qi Gong of Animals (continued: Bear, Monkey, Snake, Dragon, Eagle)
Session 16 The Bear Game 1
Session 17 The Bear Game 2
Session 18 The Monkey Game 1
Session 19 The Monkey Game 2
Session 20 The Snake Game
Session 21 The Game of the Dragon 1
Session 22 The Game of the Dragon 2
Session 23 The Eagle Game
Session 24 The Qi Gong of Objects 
Session 25 Plant Qi Gong 1 Lotus & Sequoia
Session 26 Plant Qi Gong 2 Tea & Gingko
Session 27 to 30 The Qi Gong of the Waves  

Who are these courses for?

Energetic and/or quantum therapists who already work with children and seek to vary their approach with a known tradition of energy: Chinese medicine.
To Qi Gong teachers who want to teach the children
To teachers, educators, enlightened childcare professionals who wish to introduce Qi Gong into their profession.
Parents or grandparents who wish to share with their children an energetic and holistic approach.

it is not mandatory to have already practiced Qi Gong, but a regular personal practice after the course will be necessary in order to be able to transmit it.

Practical Information :
Price of the training: 399 euros or 470 USD, including the printed pedagogical file + the Children's Booklet in pdf, allowing to propose the workshops to children +  videos of the movements (5 hours of recording)
The Speaker:  Maryline Durand

Quantum energetic practitioner graduated in Traditional Chinese Medicine (since 2009 Wang Academy in Toulouse), Teacher of the National Education Schools (on availability), mother of 5 children, EMF Balancing Technique certified, Teacher Lattice Logic for Children, Creator of Entre Ciel et Terre and of the program of PEBE Practitioner of Education to the Well-Being, (9 Modules of 3 days including Childhood Spirit The Energetic Doll, Playful Spirit, Seed of Creative Spirit...). ...), author of “the Queen of Mu”, etc...    

A question? charlotte.popovic.pro@gmail.com

A new program proposed by Entre Ciel et Terre
You can follow now this training at home !

For each session you will find:
- The pedagogical sheet of the detailed session, with the different activities
- The printable book for children (with Meridian studied)
- Unpublished Tales
- Pedagogical advice
- Videos of the exercises (5 hours of recording)
- If you have specific questions, please send me an email

How do I register ?

Please fill in the registration and presentation form on yourself, mentioning your experience in energetics and/or with children. 
To be scanned or sent back by mail.

* You register for the complete Childhood Qi Gong 1 module, and you will receive the 15 sessions by mail. 

You can write to:
Maryline Durand, Centre Tara, lieu-dit Viguié, 82150 VALEILLES, France

You will receive an email upon receipt of your registration.
Once you completed all 15 sessions, we will arrange a telephone appointment (by whatsapp or zoom) to ensure that you studied the sessions and then I will send you a Certificate of Training.
(You can also write me a short report of your experience * about 10 lines).Thank you !

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