Eternal Life 's Teaching and Transmission 

From August 10 to 19 in Belgrade with 22 PRK 
Languages : French – English 

There are only 20 seats in Belgrade, you'll be surrounded by 22 physical PRK 
+ as many computers which will transmit 3 remote connexions each. 

Instructed by Maryline Durand * G. Grabovoï Education Center 

This seminar goal, as well as the 10 days experiment of 22 PRK-1U in a network, 
is to train future teachers who will be able to pass on Grabovoï's knowledge. 
« We only teach well what we have to learn » Establishing our personal eternal life is giving off this new consciousness around us. 

We will be asking ourselves about the means and methods to diffuse and pass on the eternal life to various public : 
  • students already engaged into the path to eternal life
  • anybody wishing to evolve more thanks to the « eternal life » tool
  • individuals who are « narrow-minded » about Grabovoï's teaching, or spiritual/ quantic teaching in general
  • children , who incarnate humanity's future

We will examinate benefits of the eternal life, the necessity of a eternal life for all, the conditions of eternal life, and the concrete application of eternal life in our individual daily life, in our cultures, and on our whole planet. 
In order to do it, we will study several texts from Grigori Grabovoï, alternating between readings, discussions and numerous practical exercices to pilot our reality towards the transmission of eternal life. 
Main texts studied : (je suis pas très sûre de la traduction des titres, tu dois sûrement avoir des traductions officielles des bouquins?)
  • Technologies on the Teaching of the Eternal Life (2015)
  • Education about the Eternal Life (2003)
  • Interaction of the Consciousness with the PRK-1U (2016)

We will study mainly these 3 texts, first theoretically, then by applying the practical exercices contained in them (approximately 15 per day):

DATES : From August 10 to 19 in Belgrade (Serbia) 10 days of intensive training with the 22 PRK in a network and 22 computers of the Eternal Development Education Center 

SCHEDULE : from 9 a.m. To 3 p.m. 9 a.m./11 a.m. : group class morning break 11:10 a.m./ 1 p.m : group class 1 p.m. / 3 p.m. : personal work on a PRK 

FEES : 4000 euros (1000 for the training + 3000 for the rent of the devices) 
Link to Grigori Grabovoï's website page about all the courses organized in Belgrade : https://www.grigori-grabovoi.world/index.php/educational-program/seminars-in-belgrade-with-14-prk1u

PLACE : Grigori Grabovoï Education Center, Kosovska street, Belgrade

ACCOMODATION : Accomodation, transport and meals at your own responsability. Life in Serbia is pretty cheap compared to France or a similar european country. (from 200e for 10 nights on AirBnB, from 250e for a flight ticket) 

More questions ? Please send an email to marylinedurand1@orange.fr 
Please note that the payment needs to be done exclusively by international bank transfer to the Grabovoï Education Center in Belgrade. 

Please make sure to complete the following registration form :

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