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« Esprit d'enfance »

A new training program designed for young children

Both passionate and deeply involved with children and in the universal energy, I specialized in the training of therapists wishing to teach energy technics to children in order to help them to heal themselves, build themselves, and blossom into the future new actors of a new world of peace, joy, and compassion, of which we are more and more in preparing the foundations.

Right now, we are invited, each of us with our abilities and competences, to contribute to the emergence of this new world. In the unity of the heart and the plurality of our believes and universes...

I propose here a new training course « Esprit d'Enfance » which is based , as well as on the Lattice Logic for Children program (LLCH), on the teaching of the Energetic Anatomic System (UCL). The difference is that « Esprit d'enfance » is designed for younger children (from around 2 to 10, while the LLCH is for children above 7 years old). This technic is also suitable for therapeutic individual sessions while the LLCH is designed to teach whole classes.

The Indian Hopi dolls, the Kashinas, are used to communicate with the invisible spirits as well as toy-dolls for children. This inspired me to create an energetic doll using the same method. We use a cloth doll that is chosen by the child to represent him or herself and so can be personalized with him or herself. I also created an energetic anatomic wiker that represents the UCL. The energy is symbolized by a frontal electronic lamp, which encourages a greater participation by the child. Several accessories encourage manipulation which assists in visualisation. We also work on sacred geometry using the octaedras figures. I have also developed meditations, inspired by the Seven Laws of Deepak Chopra, especially designed for young children.

While playing and having fun, children are guided through the energetic world , towards self-healing and the management of their emotions, thoughts and personal energy. This program is aimed at initiating children into a quantum way of thinking in order that they can understand how to be the creator of their own lives.

The challenge for me is to reconcile an opening to the spiritual worlds with a solid grounding to the material ones on our planet earth. For that I'm aiming to create bridges that offer children the opportunity to live their inner and outer lives in harmony and love.

I invite you to discover this new approach in joining us on our web site, now available in english, or participate in the training courses we will organize in your area at your request.


Cantact me: [email protected]

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