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Training Creation of Light

 Seminar given by G.Grabovoï   17th of may  2005

Certified  Teacher of Eternal Developement : Maryline Durand

online or in presence

Concentration exercises and new technologies for

Understand and Amplify the Creation of Light 

and Develop your unlimited Potentials (Healing, materialization) *

Included: The text of the course in PDF + the videos of the Exercises



 Plan of the workshop Création of Light

1 / What is our own system of creation of Light? Do we shine in the present or do we prefer to contemplate our light in the future?

2 / How do we weave the structure of our Light from the darkness? Do we put contrast or do we create a sort of "gray"piloting?

3./"To speak of creation(of light) is to create a kind

of alternative medium.

4 / The next evolution of the level of Light.

5 / Darkness is in fact space, the distance from a space, that is to say, distance.

6 / Human Light, its space of action, forms the space of Light.

7 / The role of the perception of the human soul in the creation of space.

8 / Inner Light, a tool for the growth of space.

9 / Ex to enter a special space of serenity while watching the crystal grow.

10 / Ex to See the growth of the Space of Light.

11 / Ex to See the curvatures of Space and the shapes of Gausse.

12 / Being in the Light is a personal choice, a personal action like a kind of spark that ignites.

13 / Locate the points where this light comes on.

14 / First axiom of construction of the Light: the principle of equality of all the information objects makes it possible to transfer the source of the Light.

15 / Second axiom: receiving the source is the transformation of the macro-rescue action through an infinite vehicle.

16 / The Soul, structure of Light producing coherence and consistency.

17 / Understand that there are no incurable diseases.

18 / Understand that knowledge itself is construction, training, manufacturing.

19 / Piloting by transferring the image of the human standard to oneself or to another person.

20 / Understand the knowledge that created the Light.

21 / The system of acquisition of the Light by the primordial knowledge or "knowledge of the first cause".

22 / The Unconditional Transmission of the Knowledge of God to the human being.

23 / The usefulness of creating a simple value: a "standard", a symbol, a kind of distant projection - action of the Light.

24 / Build our future realization to move towards its Light.

25 / Heal by relying on the Light of the Future.

26 / Strategic management to transfer a point present in the future.

27 / See the Light of one's own life or that of other people.

28 / Become a beacon of Light to increase the Light of a region.

29 / Third axiom: See the self-organizing light: see the Light of our action outside of ourselves.

30 / See the Macro-Light and the Light in expansion.

31 / See the Light emitted by the human body.

32 / See the cumulative Light. (...)  UP TO point 63/