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 "Lessons on Space"

from a distance

Theory and practice seminar , taught by Maryline Durand, Certified Eternal Development Teacher, sub-licensed by G. Grabovoi.

PRK-1U distributor, translator and editor.

"Education on Space" 189E 

 Distance training by videos (9 lessons of 45 min. + Book)


REGISTRATION for the whole course: You will

receive the book by post and the videos to download: 45 min. ie 3 to 6 exercises + reading of the text "Teachings on Space" .

REGISTRATION to the card:

" Lessons on Space "C1

35E * Course n ° 1 Ex 1 to 5

book included


" Lessons on Space "C2

26 E * Course n ° 2 Ex 6 to 12


"Lessons on Space" C3

PayPal26 E * Course n ° 3 Ex 13 to 18


"Lessons on Space" C4

PayPal26 E * Course n ° 4 Ex 19 to 25


"Lessons on Space" C5

PayPal26 E * Course n ° 5 Ex 26 to 30


Course n ° 6 Ex 31 to 33

Course n ° 7 Ex 34 to 36

Course n ° 8 Ex 37 to 39

Course n ° 9 Ex 40 to 45


Buy the unpublished book alone 25E

Lessons on Space ---->

Possibility of payment in several installments by check, send to:

Maryline Durand, Lieu-dit Viguié, 82150 VALEILLES

Other questions ? [email protected]

Seminar program:

Space (2003)

Ex1 Examine the position of human consciousness

Ex2 Consider the outer space as the Space of co-presence with God

Ex3 Understanding the place of the human physical body in co-presence with God

Ex4 Understand that our action is effective in a specific structure

Ex5 Consider our thought as an internal projection of space

Ex6 Differentiate the thought that knows from that which perceives

Ex7 Understand that the thinking state generates the formation of an organ

Ex8 Examine how a planetary system is constructed

Ex9 Reflect on the thought of creating a larynx

Ex10 Understanding the relationship between God and the Human Body

Ex11 See the consequences of a daily action at the level of the manifested macro-system

Ex12 Examine the implementation of a basic action

Ex13 Facilitate the establishment of the learning of the non-destruction system in the macrocosm

Ex14 Observe the protective functions of the macrocosm and the deeply peaceful state of the whole reality

Ex15 Understand the principle of connection with the information field

Ex16 Make a move to our next level of development by triumphing over empty space through Spirit

Ex17 Experiment with the simplest connected piloting element with the concept of Space

Ex18 See this concentrated matter which is the Space of the spiritual development of the Creator

Ex19 Understand that a man's outer space becomes a normalized space when he realizes that God sees his presence

Ex20 Understand that the Consciousness of God's gaze on us generates a peaceful system

Ex21 Establish a comprehensive comprehensive peace system through awareness raising

Ex22 Understand that knowledge is an element of universal harmony, excluding aggressive manifestations

Ex23 Understand that the space of the unified action of man with that of God is the living body of man

Ex24 Understanding that knowledge is unified knowledge represented by God

Ex25 Understanding the knowledge of the living manifestation of God

Ex26 Understanding the essence of life before the creation of form

Ex27 Examine the multifactorial construction of life by considering its forms

Ex28 Examine the natural projection of signals from Space

Ex29 Trace the specific trajectory of the work of Space

Ex30 Understanding the static and fixed system of the order of things built by the collective consciousness

Ex31 Knows that "the mass of outer space has a certain level of action on the particular matter of an individual"

Ex32 Piloting by directing the elements of the external space towards a text

Ex33 Piloting to obtain the structure of interaction with the One God


Other exercises in the boo

The Time (2004)

AVAILABLE REMOTELY on this page (Included in the Esprit Créateur program)

I / Technology to Adjust your time control system

II / Exercise to Develop the ability to see events in the temporal context

III / Concentration exercise to develop the ability to see the action of the soul in all parts of the world

IV / Technique to Create objects conducive to the evolution of man and the universe

V / Technique to ensure that man can control time

VI / Technique to achieve the state in which man does not age

VII / Technique for Evaluating the time remaining before the realization of an expected event

VIII / Technique to cure all complex diseases of temporal form

IX / Detect ecological processes that could cause disease in humans

X / Exercises to understand that man acts over time

XI / Technique to Increase the time margin for human action

XII / Technique to Adjust the temporal correlations of events, in other words to achieve inner freedom in one's actions

XIII / Technique to Harmonize the Spirit, the Soul, the Physical Body and the Consciousness during the visualization of the amplitude of their movement

XIV / Exercise to Prepare a World that will have developed Materialization

XV / Exercise to understand the transmission of time from God to man

XVI / Exercise to See the sphere of Light in the soul of human beings

XVII / Exercise to Evaluate the influence of an external object (a star, a tree,

of a leaf) on an event, on the course of a disease

XVIII / Technique for Harmonizing Actions and Events Occurring in the Universe

XIX / Technique for Developing the Ability to See the Hidden Face of Objects

XX / Technique for developing the ability to see the inner structure of objects, including at the molecular level

XXI / Technique to Help someone manage their events by restoring

its time axis

XXII / Technique to cure someone of a temporal disease (a tumor) by breaking time